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Church of the Militant Elvis

9 candidates in our database.

This party is on the Great Britain register and is registered to stand candidates in England.

Ballot descriptions

This party may appear on the ballot paper as "Church of the Militant Elvis", or any of the following names:

  • Militant Elvis Anti-Tesco Popular Front
  • Militant Elvis Anti HS2
  • Militant Bus-Pass Elvis Party
  • Militant Elvis and the Yeti Party
  • Previous Descriptions

    These descriptions are no longer registered with the Electoral Commission and cannot be used:

    • Elvis Turns Green Party
    • Elvis Defence League
    • Bus-Pass Elvis Party
    • Grumpy Old Elvis Party
    • Elvis & The Yeti Himalayan Preservation
    • Elvis Loves Pets Party
    • Elvis Loves Plebs Party


  • Hound Dog
  • Red Geranium
  • Buspass Elvis