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Green Party

Alternative name: Plaid Werdd

19,113 candidates in our database.

This party is on the Great Britain register and is registered to stand candidates in England and Wales.

Ballot descriptions

This party may appear on the ballot paper as "Green Party", or any of the following names:

  • Green Party | Plaid Werdd
  • The Green Party candidate | Ymgeisydd y Blaid Werdd
  • Green Party lead candidate | Prif ymgeisydd y Blaid Werdd
  • The Green Party | Plaid Werdd
  • Green Party Stop Fracking Now
  • Green Party third choice candidate | Ymgeisydd trydydd dewis y Blaid Werdd
  • Green Party candidate | Ymgeisydd Plaid Werdd
  • Green Party second choice candidate | Ymgeisydd ail dewis y Blaid Werdd
  • Green Party first choice candidate | Ymgeisydd dewis cyntaf y Blaid Werdd
  • Wales Green Party | Plaid Werdd Cymru
  • Green Party - Save Our Green Space | Plaid Werdd - Achubwch Ein Mannau Gwyrdd
  • Green Party Councillor | Cynghorydd Plaid Werdd
  • Previous Descriptions

    These descriptions are no longer registered with the Electoral Commission and cannot be used:

    • Ecology Party | Plaid Ecoleg


  • World with petals and Green Party name English
  • World with petals and Green party name English and Welsh