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British National Party

50 candidates in our database.

This party is on the Great Britain register and is registered to stand candidates in England, Scotland, and Wales.

Ballot descriptions

This party may appear on the ballot paper as "British National Party", or any of the following names:

  • British National Party - Plaid Genedlaethol Brydeinig
  • People like you - Voting BNP
  • British National Party Local People First
  • Previous Descriptions

    These descriptions are no longer registered with the Electoral Commission and cannot be used:

    • Fighting Unsustainable Housing Because We Care
    • With Adam Walker
    • Because we can make Wales better
    • Because the English have rights too
    • At the heart of our community
    • British Jobs for British Workers
    • Because we can make Scotland Better
    • Because we can make Britain Better


  • BNP emblem 3
  • BNP emblem 1
  • BNP emblem 2